Resume & Preferred Line of Work


Most of my work has been project orientated (a few examples are provided below) as opposed to straight listing and selling or leasing. I am semi-retired and currently working on my 3rd and 4th projects since retiring. However, I am currently in the process of selling the second project, a home that my wife and I completely redesigned and rebuilt in Sun City Centre, Florida. It is one of my two current listings.  The first project, two adjacent properties in Glen Morris Ontari0,  were  sold for full price in 2015 after a long struggle with the GRCA over building permits.

I am currently looking for one or two more.  The projects can be consulting, seller or buyer brokerage, business brokerage or any combination and not necessarily limited to real estate. However, the project must be interesting, challenging, with significant potential for an increase in value as a result of my work. Typically my projects are outside the skill set of most real estate practitioners or the client’s. Or sometime the client just doesn’t have the time or inclination to do the project.

I love my work and  have a passion for it. I am good at it because I have the relevant business, government, diplomatic, real estate and educational experience. To back up this claim the following is a brief overview of my background followed by specific examples of my project oriented work. It is rather boring but it is the kind of information needed for a client to assess if my background is a good fit for his or her project.



I grew up as part of an extended family that owned a national textile manufacturing business. Because of this I started university in Business Administration. After 40 years the family business succumbed to what is now called “creative destruction”. At the time it was called, extremely low wage foreign competition. After my second year at Wilfred Laurier I left for a year to help my father start up a new textile company in Owen Sound. When I returned to University the next year I switched to economics, graduated with a BA then did a make-up year to upgrade my degree to an Honours BA. Then I did a successful year of post grad economics at Queens specializing in Industrial Organization and Public Policy.


I then joined the Federal Department of Industry to write my thesis on the Canadian Fertilizer Chemical Industry. I was unable to complete it because of a conflict with the department over access to industry executives, an essential component of the study.  I then moved to Trade and Commerce and shortly thereafter became the acting head of the Appliance Division. The two departments were merged and I became an Industrial Development and Production Officer in the Electrical and Electronics Branch. There, in addition to my regular work, I completed a thesis on  the Small Appliance Industry, but never bother to submit it, Then I moved to the Grains Division, which along with the Trade Commissioner Service was the international marketing arm of the Canadian Wheat Board. This lead to a transfer as a diplomat to the Trade Commissioner Service as the Second Secretary and Agricultural Attaché in the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following my tour of duty, I had the option to continue in the Service with the OECD in Brussels or return to the Grains Division in Ottawa.  However, Alex Campbell the Premier of PEI came to Argentina on a Trade Mission and with the blessing of the Ambassador, hired me on a two to three year contract as the Deputy Minister of Development. The position also included being the Secretary of the Cabinet Planning Board and co-manager, of the Federal Provincial 15 year, $780 million PEI Comprehensive Development Plan. During my tenure the first phase was completed, evaluated and the second phase was planned a successfully funded by the Federal Government at a significant increase over the original plan.


After I left Owen Sound to go back to university, my father invented and patented a textile recycling machine, sold the patent to Dupont and set up a machinery manufacturing facility to build the patented machines for Dupont and establish a  manufacturing system around the patented machine. The system recycled millions of pounds of Dupont’s producer”s waste nylon into a patented product called Fibreloft.

On a visit to PEI he contracted a chronic low grade infection that sapped his energy. When I left PEI, after my contract was up, I took over the management of the company and my wife and I bought a 1/3 interest in the company from my father and his silent partner. I automated the manufacturing process and ran the business very successfully for eight years until unexpectedly DuPont announced that they had found a way of re-melting the waste nylon and using it for car parts. Our services were no longer be needed.

Fortunately, 4 years earlier my wife and I had established Fairfield Motors Limited an auto dealership (sales, rental, leasing, mechanical, autobody and gas station) in the 10,000 sq.ft. building next door to the machinery/textile business. After the demise of the textile company we bought a building on King St. in Kitchener and moved Fairfield Motors Limited to Kitchener. Five years later we sold it as a very profitable business which still operates as Jamieson Motor Products.

Following this I became an, independent contract, commercial real estate salesman/broker with Homelife Stager Real Estate Inc. After a few years I became a minority shareholder, Vice President and manager. After a year in the position I initiated a plan, to merge with or buy out another large company to double the number of sales representatives from 35 to 70, as the only viable way to make a respectable profit. A buyout or merger was not an option so we sold the company. It continued after the sale in the same location as a Homelife franchise. I stayed on for a year then set up my own brokerage  firm which I incorporated as Terasand Realty Inc in 2005.

In 2002 my wife, a teacher,  and I bought the Sylvan Learning Centre franchise for Brantford and opened the centre. It was a great business and very profitable. In 2007 we sold it and retired. However, I maintained Terasand Realty Inc. In 2012 after five years of full time retirement I decided, with my wife’s blessing or pushing to take on a few projects.

Project Oriented Work:

The following provides pictures and a brief explanation of a few examples of the range of projects that I have undertaken for a variety of clients. Many of the projects involved major stick handling around government opposition.



Business Development  – Fairview and North Park, Brantford: Sylvan Learning Centre. I produced , 3 year  business plan for Sylvan’s approval of the purchase of the franchise and for approval of a Small Business loan, negotiated the lease, produced the 3D Architect Design for a complete build-out of the premise and acted as general contractor for the build-out and furnishing.

 Business Sale – Fairview and North Park, Brantford : Sylvan Learning Centre, promoted and negotiated sale for $580,000, more than three times EBIDT ( earnings before interest, depreciation and taxes) and after the combined owners salaries of $90,000.





Plaza Development– Elgin and Avenue Rd., Cambridge: From vacant land to an almost fully leased plaza.






Office Building – 401, Cambridge:  From vacant land to leased to Babcock Wilcox for their head office.





Residential Subdivision – Townline and River Rd., Cambridge: From  vacant agricultural land to a, “site plan approved” residential subdivision. Arranged for the City to build a sewage pumping station then sold it to Reid’s Heritage Homes.

St. George Feed Mill – Main St., St. George: From a building slated for demolition to completely refurbished. Arranged CAN ADAPT  government grant, and set up an operating woollen mill in the building.

St. Jerome’s College – Duke St., Kitchener: Arranged for the purchase of three buildings  that comprised the College with 100% take back mortgage. Then arranged an approved grant for $1.0 from CMHC for conversion to affordable housing apartments. However, it was sold instead to Wilfred Laurier for their School of Social Work.


Plaza Redesign – Dundas and Franklin, Cambridge: I worked with a planning and engineering consultant firm to reconfigure the plaza, demolished a vacant 1,800 sq. ft. Tim Hortons and arranged a lease with  Scotia Bank for a 5,000 sq. ft. drive thru bank which the client did not think was possible and City officials did not want to happen.






Contaminated Gas Station – Bishop and King, Cambridge: Arranged the clean up and a  Horton’s lease and on the basis of both was able to sell an otherwise unsellable property.






Rezoning Dundas and Franklin, Cambridge: Many acres behind what is now the Royal Bank rezoned from agriculture to residential over the objection of City officials by a house to house canvas of each member of council. I reverse a one vote loss at Planning Board to one shy of a unanimous victory at Council. It is now fully developed residential subdivision.





Business Brokerage Dundas and Franklin: Sold Home Hardware business.

Industrial Building Sale, 401 and Hwy 59, Woodstock. Sold the building. Not a project.


References on request.

If you have a project, and not necessarily real estate related one, (almost anything), that you think might fit my skill set and experience please give me a call me and we can discuss how we might work together to make it happen.